Breed Information

Great Pyrenees dogs are named after the mountain range in southwestern Europe.  Pyrenees' have traditionally been utilized to protect flocks, Shepherds and their families.  They are working dogs and instinctively know to herd flocks and protect them.

These fantastic dogs are very social dogs in the family and usually get along extremely well with other animals and children that belong to their family. They are wary of strangers in the home, making them good watch dogs.  While docile by nature and easy to get along with, they can become very protective guardians of their family and territory.

They are usually a very calm breed in the house, and enjoy relaxing and napping.  However as these are large dogs, they need lots of physical exercise such as walking and playing.  Due to their large size, they need to be handled appropriately on a leash and need to be trained not to walk their owners!

Pyrs also have very thick, beautiful coats.  As with any dog, routine grooming will keep their shedding down to a manageable amount, however, they will leave hair everywhere they go.  Pyr owners are used to doing a little extra vacuuming around the house.