Great Pyrenees Rescue and Sanctuary

Who are these folks, and why are they helping these beautiful dogs?

In June of 2015 the new owners and operators Judith Dole and Dr. Michael Heffron, who bought a large property just a few miles northeast of the Kryder's in 2014. Michael and Judy built a new facility designed specifically for the needs of these big, beautiful dogs, which can be seen on our Facilities page The Pyrs who are awaiting placement now have a 5 acre fenced pasture to run and play in, 150 square foot indoor/outdoor kennels with large Kuranda beds and blankets.

Tax-deductible donations pay for food, utilities, transportation expenses, and vet bills.

Please consider sponsoring a Pyr that we are currently sheltering, or if you would like to make a donation to help these wonderful animals, contact us or use the credit card or PayPal link on our homepage.