Rainbow Bridge
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Jack passed away peacefully in February of 2008 at the age of eight. He will be remembered as a gentle giant with a forgiving heart. Considering how poorly his life started, it ended as any dog would want it; surrounded by friendly dogs, loved by humans, and able to enjoy a bone, a good stretch, and a shady place to sleep. Jack's Story Hi. My name is Jack. I am a five year old Great Pyrenees. I have been badly neglected by my owners since I was a puppy. I was never given my shots, any medical care, or much in the way of food. When I came to Pyrescue, I was in real trouble. I was badly infected with the early stages of heartworm, was severely mal-nourished, and had kidney issues. I was also incredibly filthy, covered in ticks, and missing most of my fur. John and Linda of Pyrescue took me to Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital in Denver right away. The doctors didn't think I would be able to be saved, but the great folks at Pyrescue spent an awful lot of time and money making me better. After the medical issues were treated and all of my ticks were removed, I was treated to my first bath. I was a scary sight! Jack on 8/21/05 In the past year that I've been at Pyrescue, all of my fur has grown back, and I've gained almost 90 pounds! I feel much better and really like being treated like a real dog, something I've never known before. I'm still shy and a little frightened of folks I don't know, but I'm now used to going for walks and playing with my other Pyr friends.

Rocky (now Zuri) is a very sweet 2-1/2 yr. old Great Pyrenees who was living in rural northern MO living in a pen with a dog house outside and that basically his life. He was fed and watered but he was left in 100 degree heat and received very little interaction and exercise. He used to be the family farm dog until his back legs got injured, which the family caused. A year ago the son was trying to cut his coat down and was using sheep shears and cut Rocky's back legs unknowingly. Apparently, the family didn't know they cut him until about 10 days later when they looked at him and found his legs infested with maggots. We are told they never took him to the vet and it just healed up. Rocky could walk still and get around but not as quickly as before and they didn't think he could get away from a coyote, so he was penned. They also had no understanding of the incredible pain he was suffering with a terribly injured leg that he could not place on the ground. We at PYRescue have never seen a more loving, compliant Pyrenees at the shelter. He simply melted our heart. So, Rocky came to PYRescue and shortly thereafter his limbs were evaluated by Dr. Chris Glawe, DVM , Diplomate ABVP, at the Hampden Family Pet Hospital in Denver where it was learned that the Achilles Tendon of his right rear leg had been completely severed. All-in-all, it was estimated that there was a 30% chance that the tendon could be reattached. Despite the risk and the projected cost of well in excess of $3000, a decision was made to proceed with the surgery. Fortunately several wonderful humans agreed to pay for the surgery and also to both foster and then provide a permanent future home for this wonderful fellow. At the time of surgery it was determined that the tendon had separated by about two inches and things looked grim. Fortunately, fate stepped in and Rocky, now renamed Zuri proceeded to get better and better. He was then fitted with a leg brace and always maintaining his wonderful temperament, proceeded to get better. html5box.com Zuri's Foster say: He is such a joy to us. He gave us a bit of a scare last Wednesday, it appears he was at the beginning of a upper respiratory infection but the blood work they did showed nothing. He was given an injection for nausea and some antibiotics. He is feeling much better and is jumping around having all kinds of fun now (with some restrictions) We have had 3 adjustments on his brace and they removed the piece that was restricting his toe movement. We took him to see Dr. Glawe a few weeks back and he said he is changing his prognosis of him from a 70% recovery to 100% recovery. We were so excited to hear that. He said his movements in his leg is better then he could have expected. We no longer have to do any kind of exercise on his toes or leg as the vets from Orthopets said now it is just a matter of exercise and him walking on it normally. Soon Zuri was able run and play as free as a breeze thanks to so many people who cared about an animal in pain. He remained in a loving home until his passing in September 2017.

olly's Story Molly was a six-month-old Great Pyrenees who loved anyone she came into contact with. She had a very rough start in life but was always willing to make friends. Molly was very sick when she came to us with double pneumonia . After pulling out all of the stops to help her, we finally had to do the right thing and put her to sleep. It is Pyrs such as Molly that break your heart when you know what a great part of a family she could have been.


TEDDY 01/01/15 to 09/04/19

When Teddy passed away Sept. 4th 2019, everyone at the rescue was in shock and heartbroken. Everybody loved him because of his big personality, his majestaetic look and his beautiful facial expression. He was a confident dog who could be bossy at times with his buddies. But all in all he was such a love bug with a special soul. Some volunteers felt Teddy always knew when you needed a big pyr paw to make you feel better. Not only was he a very handsome boy, he was also very intelligent and let us all know what he wanted and when he wanted it. He sure loved attention, getting brushed, treats and going for walks. Teddy was taken from us to soon and will clearly be missed by everyone at the rescue. May you rest in peace, happy, healthy and free of allergies. We will miss you big boy.




Max had to be euthanized March 8th, 2020 because of a stomach flip. He went to the emergency hospital for surgery but sadly it was to late. Max was loved by his owner Kelly & family as well at pyrescue. He will be missed by all of them.

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